Wednesday June 26th 2019

The Informer talks about the JESUITS / “United” States!


The Jesuits govern the papal-royal households which govern the Presidents who are Knights of Rome. The Maltese-Knights of Malta that are affiliated with the Jesuits are one of the most powerful secret societies which rule the British crown. The Crown Corporation holds title to world-wide Crown land in Crown colonies like AmeriKa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many Caribbean Islands — British parliament and British PM serve as public fronts for ruling Crown families, who are Papal Knights of Rome who are covertly controlled by the Jesuit General. The Order of the Garter is the "Order of the Secret" which is: The Jesuits govern the world government. The Crown is not the Royal Family or British Monarch — The Crown is the private corporate City State of London — overseen by the Knights Templar; it has Council of 12 members (Board of Directors) who rule the corporation under a Mayor, babylondon , London City / State of London is the world's financial power center and wealthiest square mile on earth.The Royal Bloodlines rule over the Papal Knight politicians and bring them into their Orders, but the Black Pope is the one who governs the One World Government.


The Informer talks about the “United” States!






The New History Of America (Part 1of 6) – The Informer


The Informer on The CON-stitution FOR the "United" States


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