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How do “YOU” end YOUR prayers ?







(and the Washington Monument)





  • Before I start I shall lightly touch upon what this Lucifer "SUN" Worship / Babylon "MYSTERY" Religion / 666 is.  In short, ROME worshiped 36 lesser gods; and the sum total of these 1-36 when added together = 666=Pontifex Maximus= god-MAN on Earth which is the title owned by one man alone; The Pope Of Rome! (THE  BIBLICAL ANTICHRIST / "FINAL" ANTICHRIST, the "MAN" of Sin, the SON of Perdition,  the "Abomination" That "Desolates").  He is the "HIGH PRIEST" of this Satanic "System" of Lucifer "SUN" Worship. HENCE THE "SOLAR" / "SYSTEM"! THEIR SHALL BE NO "SUN IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD, NOR MOON; AS YESHUA SHALL BE THE LIGHT THEREOF!

    The Washington Monument was placed in Washington, D.C. by  HIGH Freemason /  "UNIVERSALIST" / George Washington (first President of ameriKa AND first President of the Order Of Cincinnatus).

    IT IS THE SECOND GREATEST "SUN" SYMBOL / (OBELISK / PHALLUS)  IN THE WORLD!  It is a male phallus STANDING ERECT/ (Satanic "OBELISK" of the "SUN") and the Capitol Dome  / GODESS WORSHIP; is the female representative of a pregnant 'Mother Earth' with "MARY"  (THEIR QUEEN OF HEAVEN) sitting atop it's peak; having been sent here from Rome;  THE DOME is worshiped as being impregnated by THE "SUN"! (SOL – INVICTUS). This building is actually their temple of worship! All laws are created from  "Jesuit " ~ Georgetown University.

    I bet you didn't even know; well, neither do most people. So read on, and study my site; you will understand the whole truth about ameriKa's true founding by the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church who used / (s) Freemasonry as it's vehicle / largest cover. It was "NOT" founded upon Christian principles or God's law.  It's owned, ran, CONtrolled, created by them thru Georgetown University where all laws are written. All a hoax! All a lie! Better seek the truth; we are almost out of time! If you do NOT stand for the TRUTH (YESHUA / JESUS); you WILL fall for the lie! THEY WORSHIP THE BABYLONIAN TRINITY!  (baby jesus / MOTHER  / HORUS) I.H.S (NOT FATHER GOD OR HIS SON)). HOW MANY THRONES ARE THERE IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD ACCORDING TO THE BOOK OF REVELATION? (2) YHWH, THE FATHER'S AND YESHUA, THE SON!    The holy spirit of truth is a power! (write me  for the documented proof.)


    The winged sun disc is an ancient symbol for the "SUN" god, Ra (Amen-Ra). Well known examples of the winged solar disc symbol can be found in ancient Egyptian temples, for instance over the entrance to the Solar Temple of "Amen"-Ra at Karnak, or or over the Temple doorway in Medinet Habu on the West bank of Luxor. the Medical PROFESSion uses this symbol as does many others throughout the world today!.




    Crosses  ALL = (SUN Worship)


    Steeples- Pillars- Obelisks- Phallus  = (SUN Worship)




    (Amen), Amen-Ra, Amun, AmonKing of the gods, and the Triad of Thebes

    Among the (gods) worshiped by the Egyptians (first civilization) in very early times were Amen (male) and in Greece Amun; and his consort Ament, (female) and their names are found in the Pyramid Texts, e.g., Unas, line 558, where they are mentioned immediately after the pair of gods Nau and Nen, and in connection with the twin Lion-gods Shu and Tefnut, who are described as the two gods who made their own bodies, and with the goddess Temt, the female counterpart of Tem.

    It is evident that even in the remote period of the 5th Dynasty Amen and Ament were numbered among the primeval gods, if not as gods in chief certainly as subsidiary forms of some of them, and from the fact that they are mentioned immediately after the deities of primeval matter, Nau and Nen, who we may consider to be the equivalents of the watery abyss from which all things sprang, and immediately before Temt and Shu and Tefnut, it would seem that the writers or editors of the Pyramid Texts assigned great antiquity to their existence.

    Of the attributes ascribed to Amen in the Ancient Empire nothing is known, but, if we accept the meaning "hidden" which is usually given to his name, we must conclude that he was the personification of the hidden and unknown creative power which was associated with the primeval abyss, gods in the creation of the world, and all that is in it. Amun was worshiped by the Greeks during this same time and they BOTH were the same entity (Lucifer). Hence you have Lucifer "SUN" Worship / Babylon "MYSTERY" Religion / 666

     The word or root Amen, certainly means "what is hidden," "what is not seen," "what cannot be seen," and the like, and this fact is proved by scores of examples which may be collected from texts of all periods. In hymns to Amen we often read that he is "hidden to his children, "and "hidden to gods and men," and it has been stated that these expressions only refer to the "hiding," i.e., "setting" of the SUN  ("SUN"-SET) / (isis, horus / set (satan) each evening, and that they are only to be understood in a physical sense, and to mean nothing more than the disappearance of ( the god ) Amen from the sight of men at the close of day.The beginning during "SUN" rise is really: Horus is risen (Horizon). (IN THE EAST)! same as all freemasonry worships…satan=darkness=sun"set"!

    HENCE, EASTER (ISHTAR) "SUN" -DAY- "SUN" RISE SERVICE "sun" / rising in the easr (Ezekiel 8:14-18)

    Now, not only is the god himself said to be "hidden," but his name also is "hidden," and his form, or similitude, is said to be "unknown;" these statements show that "hidden," when applied to Amen, the great god, has reference to something more than the "SUN" which has disappeared below the horizon," and that it indicates the god who cannot be seen with the mortal eyes, and who is invisible, as well as inscrutable, to gods as well as men. In the times approaching the Ptolemaic period the name: Amen appears to have been connected with the root men, "to abide, to be permanent;" and one of the attributes which were applied to him was that of eternal.

    Amen is represented in five forms: 1. As a man, when he is seen seated on a throne, and holding in one hand the scepter, and in the other the symbol of "life"  / ANKH. In this form he is one of the nine deities who compose the company of the gods of Amen-Ra, the other eight being Ament, Nu, Nut, Hehui, Hehet, Kekui, Keket, and Hathor. 2. As a man with the head of a frog, / VATICAN / UNIVERSALISM / MITHRAISM; whilst his female counterpart Ament has the head of a uraeus. 3. As a man with the head of a uraeus, (The emblem of the sacred serpent Haje; a symbol OF SOVEREIGNTY) whilst his female counterpart has the head of a cat. 4. As an ape. 5. As a lion couching upon a pedestal.


     search theTemple of Karnac. The greatest temple of Lucifer "SUN" Worship ever built by man. This is all part of Babylon "Mystery" Religion / 666 / ( "UNIVERSALISM"  / MITHRAISM) / Catholic Church Today! Search in the Scriptures / Encyclopedia's, : Pillars (Obelisks) Phallus of the SUN, CHURCH STEEPLES,  Washington Monument (largest SUN symbol on the planet!   BAAL-"MASS" =CAANAN;S BAAL= CANIBALISM! WAFER / COOKIE=FLESH AND BLOOD; KEEPING MESSIASH "DEAD" UPON THE STAKE! HE IS NOT UPON THE STAKE; HE IS RESURRECTED, ALIVE , RISEN, ADVOCATING FOR US TO THE FATRHER. (HEBREWS 10)


     The Obelisk


    Let us now quickly look at the Washington Monument, which lies directly West of the Capitol. In fact, the Washington Monument lies on a straight line, precisely 90º West of the Capitol. The Washington Monument is the most important Presidential monument (dedicated to the first President Of The ORDER Of Cincinnatus / HIGH FREEMASON / George Washington.

    To the occultist, it is an obelisk set inside a circle. What, is an obelisk? An obelisk is a tall, four-sided stone pillar tapering toward a pyramidal top (BACK OF THE DOLLLAR BILL). It "IS" a satanic ritual –  male phallus "( obelisk of The SUN )" (pointing UPward / STANDING ERECT) in honor of BAAL / HORUS / SATURN / JUPITER /  BAPHOMET / LUCIFER / SATAN. This also is where the exact shape of a "necktie" comes from; pointing (DOWNward) towards a man's real phallus. "as above, so below"! Hence the reflection of the WASHINGTON MONUMENT in the pool.


    The obelisk is critically important to the occultist because they believe that the spirit of the ancient Egyptian SUN-god, Ra / RAY (=Marduk, in Sumer), resides in the obelisk.

    Thus, the obelisk represents the very presence of the "SUN" god, whom the Bible calls BAAL, SERPENT, SATAN , DEVIL, LUCIFER, BAPHOMET, DRAGON, RED DRAGON (BLOOD)!

    There are only three (trinity) major obelisks in the world today, and two of them are in the United States. According to Epperson in his book, "The New World Order", the first major obelisk was constructed in St. Peter's square in Rome, and is so placed that every Pope who addresses any crowd in the square, must face the obeliskRONALD REGAN WAS THE FIRST PRESIDENT; ACKNOWLEDGING THE VATICAN / POPE AS THE SUPREME RULER OF THE EARTH BEFORE EVERY JESUIT AND FREEMASON / SECRET SOCIETY.  RED – RONNIE; THE ROMAN CATHOLIC ACTOR!  Ronald Reagan  WAS THE FIRST U.S. PRESIDENT; ACKNOWLEDGING THE VATICAN AS SUPREME RULER (OF THE EARTH)!


    A New Age author, Peter Tomkins, reports the same facts in his book, "The Magic Of Obelisks", Harper and Row, New York, 1982, ISBN 0-06-014899-3.


    There is an obelisk in St. Peter's Basilica / (BEAST / REV 13) as well. You'll be shocked to know that the "CLAIMED" Roman Catholic church of God promotes Celibacy while displaying a sex act right outside of St Peter's Basilica.

    The second obelisk was brought to America  in 1881 from Alexandria, Egypt, and was placed in Central Park in New York City.

    The third obelisk is the Washington Monument, (IMAGE / REV 13) built to commemorate our First President, George Washington (who was a High Freemason) and First President of the (Order Of Cincinnatus). In light of the symbols which we have just studied, which have been built into the layout of Government Center, the Washington Monument was constructed by Masons, according to Masonic tradition, as a symbol that this country was controlled by Jesuits who used Freemasonry from ameriKa's very inception. MANLY P. HALL. THE LARGEST IS IN TEXAS!

    *** The very street design of Washington, D.C. is of a Satanic Pentagram! Look for yourself!


    ENGLAND had just declared herself Protest-ant and needed a place to set up her Reformation REVOLUTION from considering the very fact that England had been great Roman sympathizers only difference being the head of the Anglican Church wielding the power;  and by the way utilizing all Rome's decrees. She was / is the "ONLY" nation ever to do so; this includes the United States of AmeriKa! (ROMERIKA THE 8TH HEAD)!

    The Egyptian Obelisk that stands (erect) in the square of St. John Lateran is the largest in existence. Originally carved during the reign of Pharaoh Thutmoses III, (GOD DELIVERED THE ISRAELITES FROM; SENT ALL THE PLAGUES / FIRST "PONTIFEX MAXIMUS" ) it stood in the Temple of (Amen') in Thebes (Karnac), but was removed to Rome by Emperor Constantius (A.D. 317-361), and placed in the Circus Maximus / VATICAN HILL TODAY)! (MAY-POLE (PHALLUS? MAY-DAY / RING AROUND THE ROSEY / SEXUAL FERTITLITY RITES  / PERFORMED IN THE SPRING)

     In 1587 Pope Sixtus V unearthed the fallen, broken and long forgotten obelisk and had it repaired and placed in the Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano. Interestingly enough, it is possible that Moses saw this very obelisk when he was in Egypt. Now this obelisk, meant to honor); Lucifer "SUN" Worship / Babylon "MYSTERY" Religion / 666 = (1-36)=sum total of all the lesser gods),  stands beside what Catholics call the supreme "Mother of all Churches", the official Cathedra of the bishop of Rome, the Pope, being the Sovereign Pontiff and High Priest of this System  (UNIVERSALISM / R.C.) of Lucifer "SUN" Worship (Pontifex Maximus)! Satan's huMAN representative on Earth claiming to be God; which brings to mind Revelation 13, 17, + 18:  and the apostate Mother Church, Mystery Babylon, the  "MOTHER" of harlots, who stands accused of fornication / ADULTRY, a mixing of the sacred with the profane, truth with error, Holy with the UNholy, clean with the UNclean.





    Why would//does

    Washington, D.C. (the nations capitol) have the same erect- male-phallus-Baal/SUN-worship  shaft  as  in St. Peter's Bascillica in Rome? Because she was founded in the very "IMAGE" of her mother (Rome).



    Our Nations Capitol: Washington, D.C.


    Correcting this ERROR: How should believers "END" their prayers?

    (answer):   Praying and asking all things unto the Father (YHWH) in the name of YESHUA-MESSIAH; Thank you FATHER!                   (no Amen)!



    ORIGIN OF 666
    Everything on this EARTH is an illusion!
    This(666)does indeed INCLUDE the Papal Heads….But;…. IT STARTED  in (EGYPT) BEFORE Babylon)! Hence; the Mystery Of Iniquity (Babylon "Mystery" Religion)
      Do you give your hard earned money back to the STATE via (Lottery)?   Who is the State????   R O M E – Vatican City…The Roman Catholic Institution//Hierarchy! The whore of Revelation 13,17,18.   Now  some history for you, and hopefully a clearer picture……
    Cards were created from astrology/zodiac.There are 36 numbered cards in a 52 card deck correct? One card each for the weeks in a year.(4) Kings, Queens, Jacks, suits that represent the 4 seasons. This is why fortune tellers use cards.(36) divisions  with  Roulette wheel; The original lottery wheel was nothing more than a roulette wheel.It has a 360 degree circle with 36 divisions of 10 degrees each. With a blank or zero representing the 5 days beyond the 360 days in a year. There are 12 houses with 3 rooms each; each is 10 degrees; times 36 equals 360 degrees in the zodiacal circle/band.
    There are 12 divisons of hours (derived from the word:(Horus)on our clock. As the heavenly was/is divided; so is the earthly as the public lands in the U.S. are divided into townships; they are each composed of 36 sections or square miles….. There are 12 divisons in a foot representive of the 12 houses, so is the yardstick representive of the 36 rooms…It was taught in the ancient world that the Supreme Sun-god drives a chariot drawn by the 4 steeds of (Horus), which turned continually round in a fixed circle. These steeds of Horus are what we today call (horse). Festivals were held worldwide with chariot races around a central obelisk ex:(Washington Monument) dedicated to the seasonal revitalizing of nature by the "SUN". DENYING THE CREATOR / SABBATH GIVER / HIS AUTHORITIVE SIGNATURE / 4TH COMMANDMENT / SATURDAY / THE 7TH DAY!
    Symbolized by the central obelisk of Horus, Pillar Of Life, and Axis of the "SOLAR" (SYSTEM). Now the rest of the sky outside the band was also divided into 36 rooms…15 on the south, 21 on the north. A god of each constellation was appointed over one of the 36 rooms. Now "over them all"  as revealed by God in the Scripture was the SUN-god. The all-seeing-eye of Nimrod, Osiris, and Horus; all 3 being one and the same (created trinity hoax), who was considered the central fire from which each had sprung. The true origin of the number 666 did not originate from the lineage of popes as some teach to deceive and some even believe. But rather from "The Priests of Babylon" and they taught that all the other gods were emanations of the "one" original and supreme god..(the "SUN"-god Horus).
    Now; what I'm getting at…His number was / IS  6 6 6! which is the sum total of the 36(lesser) rooms. The numbers 1, 6, 12, 36, 111, 666, were the most sacred in astrology. They created charts of magic to do divination….The charts were divided into 36 numbered divisions with 6 vertical/6 horizontal with 6 squares in each column….then the numbers 1-36 are placed inside the entire chart so no matter how you add the columns they add up to 111; and 6 rows/columns of(111)= 666
    See, Nimrod (Pontifex Maximus) was the Supreme Ruler on Earth, so he as Horus, was much greatly magnified above all other gods. All the others were much less honored and worshiped and so; the total sum of the lesser gods, 1+2+3+4+5+6 etc, all the way to and including (36) EQUALS 666! Thus; you have the "Most Sacred Number" of the SUN-god Horus AND his Earthly  Pontifex Maximus counterpart claimed for themselves alone. So as the SUN-god Horus rules the heavenly, His Earthly counterpart is the Supreme ruler of all the earth…The Pope Of Rome !!!

     Matthew 24:15-22, Daniel 11:45, MARK 13:5-23, LUKE 21:7-28, Daniel 12:1, Daniel 12:6-(7), 2 Thes 2:1-8, Revelation 13:3, 8, 11-18; Daniel 7:23 and EZEKIEL 8:14-18.

    Of all this, in which God never changes! The real importance is "not" to worship (LUCIFER / SATAN):the god of "this FALLEN Earth" (PONTIFEX MAXIMUS = POPE OF ROME!; to accept the mark, number or name of this Beast / Antichrist / Luciferian / Satanic / "GLOBAL / PONTIFICAL / POLITICAL-RELIGIOS (SYSTEM) of "ANTICHRIST / LUCIFER "SUN" Worship; but, worship the true God of "CREATION" /YESHUA)! REV. 14:6-11).

    Christ's Kingdom  HAS / was NEVER upon "THIS" Earth! <<<<<<<<<<< !

    HE is "NOT" coming to set up HIS  MILLENNIAL Kingdom in Jerusalem! >>> Read John 14:1-3.












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