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Members of the Society Of Jesus

Members of the Society Of Jesus

The Society of Jesus

Georgetown Jesuits: Our Job Is Not to Bring People to God!


Members of the Society Of Jesus fall into four classes:

  • Novices (whether received as lay brothers for the domestic and temporal services of the order, or  aspirants to the priesthood), who are trained in the spirit and discipline of the order, prior to making the religious vows.
  • At the end of two years novices make simple vows; aspirants to the priesthood, become
  • formed scholastics; they remain in this grade as a rule from two to fifteen years, in which time they will have completed all their studies, pass (generally) a certain period in teaching, receive the priesthood, and go through a third year of novitiate or probation (the tertianship). According to the degree of discipline and virtue, and to the talents they display (the latter are normally tested by the examination for the Degree of Doctor of Theology) they may now become formed coadjutors or professed members of the order.
  • Formed coadjutors, whether formed lay brothers or priests, make vows which, though not solemn, are perpetual on their part; while the Society, on its side binds itself to them, unless they should commit some grave offense.
  • The professed are all priests, who make, besides the three usual solemn vows of religion, a fourth, of special obedience to the pope in the matter of missions, undertaking to go wherever they are sent, without even requiring money for the journey. They also make certain additional, but non-essential, simple vows, in the matter of poverty, and the refusal of external honours. The professed of the four vows constitute the kernel of the Society; the other grades are regarded as preparatory, or as subsidiary to this. The chief offices can be held by the professed alone; and though they may be dismissed, they must be received back, if willing to comply with the conditions that may be prescribed. Otherwise they enjoy no privileges, and many posts of importance, such as the government of colleges, may be held by members of other grades. For special reasons some are occasionally professed of three vows and they have certain but not all the privileges of the other professed.

There is indeed the case of St. Francis Borgia, who made some of the probations in an unusual way, outside the houses of the order. But this was in order that he might be able to conclude certain business matters and other affairs of state, and thus appear the sooner in public as a Jesuit, not that he might remain permanently outside the common life.


Ignatius Loyola, the founder possessed with the idea of the imitation of Christ and without any plan for a religious order he offered his services and those of this followers to the pope "Christ upon Earth", (Christ's Vicar) who at once employed him in such works as were most pressing at the moment.



Rome's Ultimate 5



I.N.R.I (IUSTUM, NECARE, REGES, IMPIOS) – Translated into English: ’It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical kings, governments or rulers.’

  The Jesuit Superior General and the Pope







            Jesuit General and Benedict










          Aldolfo Nicholas




GC mass35_Gesu

Gesu_mass_II   Adolfo Nicholas-Jesuit General

Gesu mass Kolvenbach GC35

                     Benedict and Nicholas                Adolfo_nicholas_004                             

   Nicholas and Kolvenbach2 Nicholas and Benedict


The 4th Degree (Blood Oath)

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